The basic premise of each project we undertake is using wood elements while maintaining the natural form of the wood and underlining its beauty. The shapes and patterns of wooden slabs are indeed outstanding as nature itself creates true works of art. Therefore we preserve naturally irregular edges of the slabs and try to process the wood as little as possible in order to maintain its natural quality. Such a combination of austerity and modernity perfectly fits into the interior design of apartments and offices.

We can make a custom one just for you within 15-20 days.If you would like to customize your order in any way please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or facebook page.

Slabs used for our projects were kiln dried, deeply planed, triply sanded, smoothen and triply coated with the highest quality, durable, fully organic or eco-friendly oil.

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If you need support or have any general questions, please email us at sang.designart@gmail.com or call +84 905 542 654